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Recently MCC entered the specialty "Metalworking Fluids" market by successfully formulating a superior line of soluble oil rolling lubricants. From the initial success in the aluminum rod and ingot industries, we then expanded into "neat oil" drawing and cutting applications.

In addition, MCC now manufactures a premium line of semi-synthetics and true synthetic aqueous coolants.

MCC’s line of metalworking fluids: android 3.0 tablet

  • SolCast- Soluble oil rod and ingot rolling lubricant
  • AlumiSol-Soluble oil cutting fluid for Al and Mg alloys
  • SynCool-Synthetic aqueous coolant
  • SemCool-Semi-synthetic aqueous coolant
  • MasterCool-Heavy duty semi-synthetic aqueous coolant
  • MasterCut-Heavy duty soluble oil coolant

Metalworking Products Application Sheet